Traditional homes more sustainable houses
Although people around the world want the kinds of houses seen in Europe and North America, rather than those they grew up with, traditional homes can be more sustainable, says an Indian-origin engineer.
Industrial building materials are often scarce and expensive and alternative, locally sourced, sustainable materials are often a better choice, said Khanjan Mehta, assistant professor of engineering design at the Pennsylvania State University.
Source: Timesofindia.indiatimes Website

$32 million sale in Palm Beach shines light on waterfront ‘spec’ houses
Last week’s $32 million sale of an unfinished house being built on speculation at 225 Indian Road surprised no one who has been keeping up with the surging demand for new high-end homes in Palm Beach.
“New,” of course, being the operative word.
The sale, in fact, marked the third-highest price ever paid for a house on the lake or inlet in Palm Beach, according to prices recorded at the Palm Beach County Courthouse. That third-place ranking was held until last week by another spec house at 390 N. Lake Way that sold, furnished, just two months ago for a price recorded at just under $31.5 million.
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Protesters gather in Botetourt to voice their opinion about slave houses at the Greenfield Plantation
Protesters were out on Sunday to speak out about the preservation efforts for slave houses at the Greenfield Plantation.
A few days ago we told you Botetourt County is planning to move the buildings starting next week. An official schedule has not yet been set. Demonstrators say they’re taking a stand against the erasure of local history.
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Britain’s Weirdest Council Houses review: are these homes hellish nightmares or artistic masterpieces?
Robert lives on a drab estate in Brighton in a drab council house. On the outside. Nothing drab about the interior, it’s one of Britain’s Weirdest Council Houses (Channel 4). A Renaissance palace, with great Italian artworks wherever you look. Michelangelo, Leonardo, Botticelli – all painted in the 21st century, by Robert, who has never been to Italy in his life. He is a painter, but of the decorator variety, and only tried his hand at great art after picking up a book on the Renaissance at a car boot sale in Lewes.
Source: Theguardian Website

Britain’s weirdest council houses: A mock cruise ship, baked bean museum and a recreation of the Sistine Chapel amongst local authority homes transformed by their tenants
These are the tenants who have gone above and beyond to turn their local authority dwellings into something special, including the Sistine Chapel, a Gaudi-inspired indoor garden and even a baked bean museum.
A new one-off Channel 4 documentary meets council house tenants like Robert Burns, a former decorator who made his three-bedroom Brighton terrace home into a replica of the Sistine Chapel.

Source: Dailymail Website